Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plasma Grenade Cake Pops

The boyfriend is out of town...that means I have to find ways to keep myself busy, other than sitting my ass down in front of the XBox for a week-long binge (which I am probably overdue for/saving for Halo 4).

I polled twitter with the idea of making Cake Pops...but stickier.


Betcha can't sti-...eat it.

Yaaaay! Plasma Pops! This was my first ever attempt at making cake pops...which turned out to be a bit of an episode since Macy's charged me $17 more than Target did. I also couldn't buy the red cake iron in stores. Boooo.

These double as a birthday present to my youngest sister who turns 16 15 16 today. She used to play Halo with me and loved Grunts, so last year I got her a Grunt plush..she used to be so cute with her tan-line from her Grunt wristband she wore non-stop. Ugh. Now I feel old.

Boo, reading manuals.
The standards like cake mix (confetti filled, of course), icing and food dye were a given, I had to get creative with the detonator and green dots on the side of the plasma. I wound up using orange Air Heads for the detonator and opted to use green gel instead of the tops of some Tic-Tacs for the dots...with them they kinda looked like a rather round/obese Hunter.

Anyway, these grenades will explode in your mouth...with deliciousness (or so I'm told, I don't eat sweets). I originally planned on making a little mini-video to showcase my..uh..'skills', but gave up halfway through because I didn't want to edit videos. So all y'all get are some progress pics.

You can hear the grunt headshot sound right now. Don't lie.

My first batch. Whoops.

Blue you up.

Grunt Birthday Party Surprise
I'm not the baker in the family, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Some issues I had were the shape of the cake balls (a little lopsided due to the mold..will have to roll by hand next time), the green dots on the side of the grenades (would have liked to use something more obvious, the store had no flat green sprinkles) and how abso-freakin'-loutley tedious the whole dripping process is. I have about 20 more balls sitting around, waiting to get blue.

Hah. Balls. Blue balls. Jokes.

...it's going to be a long week.

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