Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fear The Pink Mist

As a kid my folks didn't want me to have pierced ears. I thought I did, but when I was old enough and the opportunity presented itself, I opted out. I just didn't care anymore. That and I learned that I scarred easy/heal funny/have awkward reactions to some metals. I've been fortunate enough to be able to find some really fabulous clip-ons and I'm a big fan of magnetic earrings...especially since they're the only way I'll ever get to wear 'diamond' studs. Until I start my rap career.

Granted, I do still get a bit jelly when I see all the cool, gaming-related earrings that are for you wenches with pierced ears. But today, after seeing a picture of a friend's daughter with some mother trucking Halo 4 earrings she got from PAX I said enough was enough.

Pardon my hair
My homemade Needler Earrings are probably the greatest thing since sliced bread (good call, JDQuackers). Now when I get into fights, I can not only take my earrings off but use them in battle!

The smallest weapon ever. Well, second smallest. The first is in your pants.
They're nothing but acrylic and clay. The needles themselves are part of some super-glittery foliage that was on clearance at Michael's that I stripped of the said glitter. Gorilla Glue works wonders...thankfully nothing got stuck to my ears.
Can he see me?!
I think my boredom is getting the best of me. By this time next week I may build a Warthog out of some shoe boxes and a skateboard.

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