Sunday, September 9, 2012

Black Forest Fake

This past Saturday was Raul's of 40s and 20s birthday. In order to get out of buying the punk a birthday present, I made him a cake.

But not just any cake, he's a nerd.

This cake was a triumph.

Behold! The dream and desire of every test subject: The Black Forest Fake. I call it a Fake because I didn't layer it with the whipped cream and the cherries and the kirsch, but with vanilla frosting, vodka and the cherry juice from the jar.

Also cause it’s a lie. Duh.

I was a bit worried there would not be enough for everyone (it was a party of close to thirty people), but thankfully enough people took off early that I was able to accommodate everyone by cutting the slices in half.  I don't have a sweet tooth but was told it was delicious.

That could have been the booze and munchies talking though.

Props to The Geeky Chef for the guidance.