Monday, September 27, 2010

Thus I Progress

Well, sorta.

All that was glue-able after 12 sheets of slicing and dicing.
I've decided that my method of cutting pieces then looking around my disastrous pile of also-cut-pieces in hopes to find a mate to glue to it just doesn't cut it. I end up wasting a ton of time just looking for a piece that probably hasn't been cut yet. I also end up with a huge scrap pile.

Like the 'missing sock' basket in my laundry room.
So I think I'm just gonna start gluing/cutting in numerical order. I know I've got 1-6 done, so lol I get to start on seven.

In other Halo news I got a new hat/beanie/toque and ordered that snazzy Marathon hoodie. Gotta represent!

I buy quite a bit of Halo paraphernalia. And even more is bought for me (read: gifts. I'm not a moocher). It's kinda dumb but it makes me happy, expect these posts a bit.

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