Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comics n Stuff

I picked up the comic 'Bootcamp' from the Halo: Fall of Reach series Marvel is running. A great treasure for me since it combines the two things I get the greatest fun out of, Halo and comics.

The art is excellent. Felix Ruiz's work really blends well with the story and precognition that I had for FoR when I read it for the first time. Gritty and filled with lines. I love that some strokes bleed over the panel borders. The boxing for text is also wonderful. Non-obtrusive to the images themselves. I remember staying up late and doodling my own version of what I thought a FoR comic would look like. Though I remember putting Halsey in white, pink was not an option for me. Good times.

As far as the transition goes, I constantly feel like I'm reading parts of the novel. Some panels are done word-for-word which makes me happy. That's probably the benefit of getting to go from novel to graphic novel. The hard part must be deciding what stays and what goes.

Can't wait till October for the next issue, when training begins.

Chilling November cover art, property of Marvel. 


Started physically working on my helmet today. Mark V by Halo 3 standards. I spent about an hour carefully cutting out three sheets of pieces, only to have four of them glue together. With school starting tomorrow, I'll have to be careful not to burn myself out.

I'll be honest, I don't even know what part this is. Maybe top of the helmet. 

Thinking of getting an SD card slot to put in the back. Cause that is hilarious. Also some video posts. I like those. I'll have to work on keeping things short and sweet though.

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