Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good News, Everyone!

The new, finished, just over an hour long, 40s and 20s Episode 30: Bonier Than It Looks is up! With guest star: Me! Also Mike.

Sit around and drink a 40 with Raul and Ryan for the 40s and 20s 30th episode special as they discuss all things Red vs Blue, thoughts about Diablo 3's open beta weekend, Adam Sessler leaving G4, Super Monday Night Combat, and The Cabin in the Woods.

I had an awesome time with these guys. Getting to nerd-out with not-online-people is something I usually only get to reserve for Comic-Con, but now that I've met these guys I'll never have pent-up nerdxual frustration ever again. It was a hoot and hope that they'll have me back, Halo/RvB talk or not.

On a related note, new shirt!

I'll call it my Epsilon Tex shirt. RvB Jokes.
I actually owned the 'RvB official' shirt way back in the day...but unfortunately due to a garage flood/moving houses event, she was lost forever. Thanks to technology, I now have one of my favorite shirts back in my possession.

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